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हे परब्रह्म तेरी पूजा कैसे करूँ?

हे परब्रह्म तेरी पूजा कैसे करूँ?
तुझसे इश्क़ करूँ या तेरी इबादत करूँ?
तेरी स्मृति में नाचूँ गाऊं या तेरे ध्यान में घंटों बिताऊं?
संत बनकर तेरे चरणों तक आऊँ या राक्षस बनकर तेरे द्वारा संहार हो जाऊं?
मोक्ष की कामना में जीवन बिताऊं या भक्ति मिलन द्वारा निश्चिन्त हो जाऊं?
मृत्यु में मुक्ति पाऊं या जीवन में ही सन्यासी हो जाऊं?
भक्त भगवान की माया का आनंद उठाऊँ या तुझमें परब्रह्मलीन हो जाऊं?
हे परब्रह्म तेरी पूजा कैसे करूँ?


Every Religion Has a Gift – Harmony of Religions

Source : Vedanta Society of Southern California 
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Truth is one; sages call it by various names,” the Rig Veda, one of Vedanta’s most ancient texts, declared thousands of years ago.

We are all seeking the truth, Vedanta asserts, and that truth comes in numerous names and forms. Truth—spiritual reality—remains the truth though it appears in different guises and approaches us from various directions. “Whatever path people travel is My path,” says the Bhagavad Gita. “No matter where they walk, it leads to Me.”

If all religions are true, then what is all the fighting about?

The carnage inflicted upon the world in the name of religion has precious little to do with genuine religion. People fight over doctrine and dogma: we don’t see people being murdered over attaining divine union! A “religious war” is really large-scale egotism gone berserk. As Swami Prabhavananda, the founder of the Vedanta Society of Southern California, would smilingly say, “If you put Jesus, Buddha, and Muhammad in the same room together, they will embrace each other. If you put their followers together, they may kill each other!”

Every religion has a specific gift to offer humankind; every religion brings with it a unique viewpoint which enriches the world. Christianity stresses love and sacrifice; Judaism, the value of spiritual wisdom and tradition. Islam emphasizes universal brotherhood and equality while Buddhism advocates compassion and mindfulness. The Native American tradition teaches reverence for the earth and the natural world surrounding us. Vedanta or the Hindu tradition stresses the oneness of existence and the need for direct mystical experience.

“Universalism has been an integral part of Hinduism, in turn influencing western modern spirituality.” -Richard King