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Top Indian CEOs of America


1.Sundar Pichai, CEO – Google


2. Satya Nadella, CEO – Microsoft


3. Shantanu Narayen, CEO – Adobe


4. Sanjay Mehrotra, SanDisk Founder-President-CEO


5. Ajaypal Singh Banga, President-CEO of MasterCard

6. Indra Nooyi, CEO – PepsiCo 


7. Francisco D’Souza, CEO – Cognizant


8. Dinesh C. Paliwal, Chairman-President-CEO of Harman International Industries


9. Ravichandra K. Saligram, CEO of Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers


10. Vikram Pandit, Chairman of TGG Group and ex-CEO of Citigroup


11. Abhi Talwalkar, Board Director – Lam Research and ex-CEO of LSI Corporation


India clears multi-billion dollar deal to buy 22 Apache attack helicopters and 15 Chinook heavy-lift choppers, replete with Hellfire missiles; from USA

Apache Attack Helicopter

3_img121915155442 apache3 apacheattackhelicopter maxresdefault (3)

Chinook Heavy-lift Helicopter

AIR_CH-47_Dutch_Carrying_F-16_lg A US Army CH-47 Chinook helicopter lifts a M777A2 howitzer at Forward Operating Base Hadrian June 18, 2013 in Uruzgan province, Afghanistan. The equipment is being moved to Kandahar Airfield as FOB Hadrian shuts down. Chinook_01_aviationnews_eu Chinook Lift

Hellfire Missiles

Hellfire_Diagram.jpgCDCAC398-A855-4BAB-9DB1D66257028BDE.jpgLarger Lockheed_Martin_Longbow_Hellfire

Tribal Arts of India

Click to enlarge:-

1. Batik Print – Cholamandal Artists’ Village,Chennai

batik-print-short-kurta-BC08_l bf429-batik-print DSC_0399 img_2994-500x500 indigobatika prod_3801 Batik Samples batik-print-250x250

2. Gond Art – Madhya Pradesh

GOND3 Gond5 gond-art1 NU013 th_img_5032 th_img_5035 Gond images for PR 004-1 gond01 Gond1

3. Kalamkari Painting – Andhra Pradesh

kalamkari-pic4 krishna-as-gau-gopala---cotton-kalamkari-painting pb74Kalamkari 01 05 07 20080412153957!Gita-kalamkari-painting brahma10 Gita-kalamkari-painting OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA kalamk2 kalamkari kalamkari-painting-horse-duo kalamkari-paintings kalamkari-painting-twin-birds-02 kalamkari-painting-twin-elephants(craftsinindia) kalamkari-painting-vishnu-n-consort-25

4. Kalighat Painting – Bengal

Nrisingha Avatar 4th incarnation of Vishnu - 19th Century Kalighat Painting Pata-Kali siva1 The_demon_ravana_fighting_with_the_ape_hanuman,_1880,_kalighat_school The_goddess_durga_on_her_lion_kills_the_demon_mahishasura,_1880,_kalighat_school Title-Kalighat-Paintings 103258_800 Balarama - 19th Century Kalighat Painting folk-painting-FN29_l Goddess Kali - Kalighat Painting 1850s img_3936_kal-72_size-13x19_price-8_000 img_3970_kal-117_size-13x19_price-8_000 Kalighat_Ganesha_in_the_lap_of_Parvati Kalighat_Painting_Calcutta_19th_Century_-_Woman_Strinking_Man_With_Broom kalighat2 kalighat-70_size-13x19_price-rs.10_000 Kalighat-Paintings-5

5. Mithila (Madhubani) Painting – Bihar

untitled-10 100_0975 bride_flowers_garden_cm DSCN1185 DSCN1240 DSCN1540 DSCN1594 KG02-Fish mithila_painting_qj63_l1 Mithila_Paintings_-_Mahendra_Shah_-_1_1 mor_peacock ??????????????????????????????? swayamwar_006

6. Orissa Patachitra

siva alahya orissa_patachitra_QA36_l pata-chitra (1) patachitra patachitra1 Patta-Chitra-Orissa prynk4 prynk6 prynk9 prynk11 sarasvati

7. Phad Painting – Rajasthan

lord-krishna-with-gopinis-HM92_l PA00000007_1 PA00000008_1 Radha Krishna Romance-1000x1000 rajasthani-phad-painting-HM89_l 8-traditional-art-phad-painting-vivek-joshi Krishna Matki Fodte Huye-1000x1000 krishna-teasing-radha-BL38_l large-3

8. Santhal Art – Jharkhand

applique-work-EL24_l folk-painting-FN39_l ihl521 roy-jamini-1887-1972-india-santhal-dancers-1729482-500-500-1729482 santhal-_sweet_music santhal-_sweet_music_2 Santhal-craft-from-North-24-Parganas-Bengal-800x600 STA117MT 411837-romantic-couple 1380711361-Santhal-lovers-7 635234887290220782Santhal Lovers

9. Warli Painting – Maharashtra

Warli Painting Artist in pune Warli-Painitng1 warli-painting (1) warli-painting (2) warli-painting (3) warli-painting warli-painting-akshay-kirdat 15816 (Musée du Quai Branly) tarpa-dance1

Chile’s Villarica volcano erupts: These images show the raw power of mother nature



One of South America’s most active volcanos erupted early Tuesday in southern Chile, spewing heavy smoke into the air as lava surged down its slopes, prompting authorities to evacuate thousands of people.

Chile Volcano Eruption

The 9,000 foot (2,847-meter) volcano in Chile’s central valley, 400 miles (670 kilometers) south of Santiago, sits above the small city of Pucon, which has a population of about 22,000 people.
Chile Volcano Eruption

The Villarica has a crater of about 200 meters (yards) in diameter and a lake of lava about 150 meters (yards) deep.


It has periodic eruptions every 10 or 15 years.


Chile has more than 2,000 volcanoes in the Andes cordillera and about 90 of them remain active.