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Dark and dairy: The sorry tale of the milch animals

Source : The Hindu

Beef and milk are two sides of the same coin, especially in India where cattle and buffaloes are farmed primarily for milk.

India has been making national and international headlines for its soaring beef exports.

However, while there is ambivalence about India’s place in the beef market, there is more or less unquestioned pride about the nation’s status as the world’s largest producer of milk. We have riots over rumours of cow slaughter. But the consumption of milk and milk products is a near-universal habit in India, probably more so among vegetarians than others. We revere cows as mothers because we use their milk. But if our dairy practices are any indication, we don’t treat our mothers well.

It’s clear that meat comes from slaughtered animals. It’s less obvious that dairy production is as traumatic and lethal to animals. Beef and milk are two sides of the same coin, especially in India where cattle and buffaloes are farmed primarily for milk. There are no ‘beef’ animals in India. Yet, bovine meat constitutes 62 per cent of India’s total meat production. Beef, in India, is sourced from the dairy industry, which is economically sustainable only because it is supported by the meat and meat by-products industries (such as leather). Therefore, if we care about cattle, we should first look into the lives of milch animals.

The dairy system inflicts suffering at every stage, starting with the calving process, for milk comes from a cow or a buffalo that has calved recently. For dairy farming to be financially viable, animals are made to calve at least once a year (for cows) and once in 15 months (for buffaloes). Calves, male and female, are separated or significantly restricted from accessing their mothers three to four days after birth. This separation is traumatic for both mother and calf, but leads to a 15-30 per cent increase in milk availability for humans. Following separation, calves are mainly fed on milk substitutes and are allowed only limited suckling. The mother’s milk is instead diverted for human consumption.

Most male calves are either sent for slaughter or let loose to starve. A limited number are used for breeding. Some are used as draught animals where they are subject to castration without anaesthesia, nose-roping, whipping and hard labour until they are old and weak. At that point, they are sent for slaughter or abandoned. The economic undesirability of male cattle is evident in the gender imbalance — 64.42 per cent female and 35.57 per cent male in cattle, and 85.18 per cent female and 14.8 per cent male in buffalo. The slaughter of male calves — whether intentional or incidental — is integral to milk production.

Healthy females are kept alive for use in the dairy industry, which means a repeated cycle of impregnation, separation, painful milking, oxytocin shots and mastitis. To keep dairy animals productive, animal husbandry manuals recommend re-impregnation around 60 days after calving — a longer calving interval is uneconomical and a shorter interval reduces milk production.

Impregnation is increasingly being carried out through artificial insemination. India’s National Dairy Plan aims to use artificial insemination on at least 35 per cent of all fertile animals by the end of 2017. Artificial insemination involves extracting semen from selected bulls and forcibly placing it in restrained cows. This technology is popular because it is efficient, allows for selective breeding of high-yielding animals and reduces the need for males.

Dairy farming involves the killing of unproductive, infertile and ‘spent’ cows and buffaloes. Milk production starts to decline after three to four lactations (pregnancies). At this stage, cows and buffaloes are sold for slaughter through middlemen, or to a smaller farmer who will use them for an additional two to three lactations before selling them for slaughter or abandoning them. An infertile or unproductive animal shares the same fate, only much earlier. India’s world-beating output of 132.4 million tonnes of milk in 2012-13 would not have been possible if cattle and buffalo were taken care of for the entirety of their natural life-spans.

Dairy cattle have a terrible choice: life can be nasty, brutish and short, if you are male; or nasty, brutish and longer, if you are female. Beef is an inevitable consequence of dairy. The data bear out this hypothesis. Figures provided by the National Dairy Development Board show that the monetary value of milk production almost tripled between 2004-05 and 2011-12. So did the monetary value of beef production. There was a 98.6 per cent match between milk and beef production over this period.

Both qualitatively and quantitatively, a milch cow or buffalo has a worse life than an animal bred solely for meat. Why, then, do we believe dairy to be better than beef?

Part of the explanation lies in psychology. Meat is obviously linked to the death of a fellow- creature. The impacts of dairy are easily veiled in narratives about ‘surplus milk’ and the Indian veneration of the cow. Of course, buffaloes that provide more than half the milk we consume as a nation don’t figure in these debates.

Neither do the environmental consequences of dairy farming, whether pollution caused by runoffs, greenhouse gas emissions, or high water footprints.

Ultimately, Indian vegetarianism is about us rather than the vulnerable creatures we claim to care for. We may prefer to turn our eyes away from the connection between our individual acts of drinking our filter coffee or morning chai, and the cow or buffalo that produced the milk.

The logic, however, is clear: drinking milk causes as much suffering as eating meat, if not more. Indeed, milk involves more cruelty than meat does.

First You Eat Meat, Then Meat Eats You: Maneka Gandhi

Source : NDTV

The women and child development minister was speaking at the launch of a film ‘The Evidence-Meat Kills’, directed by Mayank Jain, that scientifically explores the effects of meat consumption on human body.

Maneka Gandhi said that studies have shown that meat is bad for human body.

NEW DELHI:  Union Minister Maneka Gandhi today made a pitch for vegetarianism, saying humans are natural vegetarians and meat consumption harms them.

The women and child development minister was speaking at the launch of a film ‘The Evidence-Meat Kills’, directed by Mayank Jain, that scientifically explores the effects of meat consumption on human body.

Studies done over the last three decades have shown, with empirical data, that meat is bad for human body, Maneka said.

“Everything about every part and organ of the human body is vegetarian. When we put an alien substance like meat into the human body, we become prone to diseases,” she said.

“If you do this on a daily basis,” she added, “Your body will weaken. You will not die of eating meat, but it will certainly weaken your body, making it more vulnerable to diseases.”

Maneka emphasised, more than once, that the purpose of making or promoting the film was not to persuade people to give up eating meat, but to make them aware of its pros and cons and help make an informed choice.

“All in all, first you eat meat, then meat eats you,” she quipped, during the programme at the Press club.

She said the movie has been made by the doctors so that people make an informed choice.

The Union minister also lamented that dietetics — the study of diet and its effects on health — was not given due time or attention during medical education.

“I feel that in the 5-6 years during which they teach you to become a doctor, they teach you dietetics for not more than one or two hours. What I feel is, if you do not teach them about food and their effect on the body, then what is the point of teaching them about the medicines?” she said.

Dr Ramesh Bijlani, former HoD, Department of Physiology, AIIMS, who features in the film — along with a few other doctors — lends a professional voice to Maneka’s assertions.

“Use of antibiotics and hormones has become almost routine in not only poultry but also in the meat industry in general, and the types of antibiotics that are used are very often those which are not fit for human consumption. They are not approved for human use but these are given to these animals, but indirectly, the same antibiotics get into human beings when we consume meat,” he says at one point during the movie.

The film goes on to examine the health of butchers who are exposed to an overdose of violence in slaughterhouses.

Significance of Id-ul-Azha

Source : The Hindu (Newspaper)

The Festival of Sacrifice, Id-ul-Azha, is one of the two most important festivals of Islam along with Id-ul-Fitr. It honours prophet Ibrahim for his readiness to sacrifice his son for God in fulfilment of a divine vision, and his son (prophet Ismail) for offering himself willingly. This great act of surrender is celebrated by Muslims through the symbolic slaughter of an animal.

The Prophet sacrificed one goat for himself and his family. However, the Koran informs Muslims that animal sacrifice is not a propitiatory ritual, for neither the blood nor the flesh of the animal reaches God.

The original teachings of Islam do not equate the idea of sacrifice with animal slaughter, or expressions of formal religiosity. In 3:92, the Koran explicitly states that a person cannot attain true righteousness (birr) until he purposively gives away what he loves the most. One of the meanings of birr is ‘ampleness’, which in the context of 3:92 is a reference to the large-heartedness of a person, that is, the extent to which he is willing to sacrifice for a just cause something he himself needs.

An example of this is found in a Sahih Bukhari hadees that narrates how Companion Abu Talha after listening to 3:92 wanted to donate for the Prophet’s reform movement one of his prized date palm gardens, but on the Prophet’s advice distributed it among deserving relatives. This shows that real sacrifice lies in selflessly committing ourselves to the service of the underprivileged. In the prevailing circumstances the best hady that Muslims could give is the gift of education to poor children.

-A. Faizur Rahman

At ‘cow hospital’ in Punjab, signs of sword and acid attacks on bovines

Source : Indian Express

Farmers getting rid of stray cattle through cruel means, says caretaker, they say ‘protecting crops’

At a huge shed in Punjab’s only ‘gau hospital,’ a cow writhes in pain; fresh blood seeps through bandages that have been used to cover stab wounds in its stomach and legs. Just when the animal looks like it may lose consciousness, a group of workers haul it into a corner, where a mobile intravenous drip is rushed in and a needle is inserted into its foot.

Faced with increasing numbers of stray cattle and tighter regulation regarding the sale of their ageing livestock, farmers in Punjab are resorting to cruel methods to get rid of them, says Kulwinder Singh, (38), who runs the Baba Gau Hira Hospital, which treats injured cows, at Kaunke Kalan village in Ludhiana district. “Stray cows are being attacked with acid and swords and are being burnt with matchsticks. Some even have pepper applied in their eyes and udders. Each month we rescue at least 60-70 such cows,” he says.

Even those left on the roads and streets have it no better, says Kulwinder. “We find all sorts of human waste, iron objects, plastic and garbage in the stomachs of dead stray cows. It is what the abandoned animal has been feeding on for months,” he adds. As per the state-run Punjab Gau Sewa Commission, over one lakh stray cattle roam Punjab’s streets, most of which are the exotic cross-bred Holstein Friesian (HF) cows, generally abandoned by farmers after they turn infertile or stop providing milk.

Kulwinder’s facility, some 40 km from Ludhiana, houses some 115 wounded or diseased cattle, 90 per cent of which are HF cows. While the veterinary hospital at the Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (GADVASU) treats all sorts of animals and there are privately-run cow shelters, the Baba Gau hospital is the only one that exclusively treats injured cows.

Kulwinder began work in 2011, initially rescuing stray cattle before opening the ‘cow hospital’ on half an acre of land handed over by a village resident. He runs the facility through donations and monetary help from his brother in the US. “Some farmers give us fodder and some veterinarians don’t take fees. We still spend at least Rs 3 lakh a month, which includes the salaries of around 14 employees and most importantly medicines and fuel for our ambulance,” he says.

The ambulance, fitted with a hydraulic ramp, was bought last year at a cost of Rs 6.5 lakh. “We bought it in instalments and now it is convenient to rescue cows from nearby districts too,” says Kulwinder, dressed in a orange kurta and turban.

The hospital has a 24×7 helpline number (82733-82733), which receives calls regarding injured animals from Jalandhar, Barnala, Amritsar and, Pathankot. Once a call comes in, it sends an ambulance and its workers to pick up the injured animal. Cows that are successfully treated are shifted to the Faridkot gaushala with which the centre has a tie up.


The 38-year-old says his love for cows is not due to religious conviction. “I opened this cow hospital because I cannot see them in pain. It is inhumane to leave them dying on the roads after using them for milk and other benefits,” he says. He also says he has not received any help from either the state or central governments. “My file for free power supply for the hospital is pending with the administration for months. Not a single politician from the BJP or Congress or any other party has offered us any help. We don’t need it but then how are you a gau rakshak if you can’t help those actually working for cows?” asks Kulwinder.

While he highlights the cruelty being shown to stray cattle, Kulwinder believes it is the handiwork of some errant farmers. “We are not in favor of slaughtering any animal but genuine traders should not be harassed. Farmers need to be educated about the benefits of indigenous varieties and the correct ways to manage the HF breed,” he says. Daljit Singh Gill, president, Punjab Dairy Farmers Association (PDFA), the largest association of dairy farmers in the state, admits there is a problem but adds that it is only “bound to increase”. “Small farmers are going through hell as their crops are being damaged by stray animals. Now with Yogi Adiyanath becoming the CM of Uttar Pradesh, cattle trade has become more difficult. How can farmers be blamed for attacking animals destroying their crop?” Gill asks.

Dr A S Nanda, Vice-Chancellor, GADVASU, says,”We in India talk about cow welfare but abandon them on the roads. In England, for instance, cow slaughtering is not banned but their cattle welfare index is way higher than us.”

Punjab Gau Sewa commission chief Kimti Bhagat says the government is looking at ways to reduce stray cattle numbers. “We are working on viable methods like importing of semen from the US to produce only female cattle, which farmers don’t abandon,” he says.


SHREDDED SINGH (Mr. Preetinder Singh) – A devoted Sikh bodybuilder and dedicated animal lover

This post is a shoutout to one of the most angelic humans I have come across in my life. It is about Mr. Preetinder Singh aka Shredded Singh.

He can be described as a compassionate animal lover, passionate bodybuilder and devoted Sikh spiritual practitioner. He is extremely humble and polite.

He takes out 3-5 hours daily from his arduous schedule solely for helping and feeding animals (mostly street dogs) in his city Patiala. He feeds 27 dogs and 15 pups daily (as on latest count), rescues hurt dogs whenever he gets a call and routinely immunizes and sterilizes these dogs.

He feeds his adopted dogs and pups authentic dog food bought from store in addition to home food.

He makes sure that hurt dogs receive professional treatment from qualified vets and then keeps them in his home for some days to recover. After that, these dogs are rehabilitated.

Upon seeing him everyday, “his” dogs run towards him. He has such four-legged fans in most parts of the city 🙂

He also attaches collars to these dogs so that they can be saved from becoming roadkill especially at nights. Attaching collars also has the added benefit of reducing stone pelting on such dogs as people might think they are “owned” as pets.

Mr. Shredded Singh is also a full time bodybuilder, nutritionist and online coach. He follows a vegetarian diet.

He is a human certainly worth emulating.

All this goes on to show that we have many unrecognized heroes in our midst and such pure hearted people must be given visibility/promotion by us to reaffirm faith in humanity.

He can be reached at :-

YouTube channel –

Instagram –

Facebook –

Snapchat – EKAMPREET89

Following are some of his posts (note: all the pictures belong to Mr. Shredded Singh, use only after his permission) :-

Small message to Inspire you all.. When you Train yourself.. Make it sure that You Train yourself PHYSICALLY & SPIRITUALLY as well.. I train myself in the gym To make myself Physically Strong & What Makes me Spiritually Strong is 'Feeding those Voiceless who never can speak by mouth but their beautiful eyes tell me a lot of things, by serving this beautiful creature of God I feed my Soul every single day & believe me When I sleep they use to come in my dreams with the Voice "I really don't know You gonna believe it or not, but for me it is Voice of GOD" . .. One small poetry- kya kare Padh ke geeta, Kuraan or Gurbaani, jab baat Guru ki Nah Maani.. . .. Sab da Bhagwaan/ Parmatma ik hai.. Te parmeshwar khudh ehi kehnda ki Meri Baani padh ta lehnde ho par je uss Baani nu asli zindagi ch apnaoge hi nahi ta uss da ki fayda.. 🙏 . .. Kar Sewa Kar Sewa Kar Sewa.. #ShreddedSingh #AnimalLover #StreetDogsLover #DontBuy #DontShop #AdoptOne #ILoveDesiDogs #OurIndianDogs #BestFriend #Dogs #Puppies

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What a Busy & Productive day.. This morning, when I was having my pre-workout meal before Leg session, I got a call that someone who lives near to the gym where I use to go for my workout, has dislocated the 2 small puppies who are living outside the gym in their small home.. Well, I just had to bring them back because they are just babies.. With the help of one guy who knows in which village they left the pupps, I brought them back.. I met the person who dislocated & had counselling session for half an hour.. He was not ready to accept he was wrong but he agreed somehow that he will not dislocate again.. I hope so he will be man of his words.. . .. Than straight to the gym.. killed 2 hours Legs & Rehaab session.. And again back to work.. . .. Straight to the Govt. Medical Hospital & Have to release 5 female dogs which we picked on sunday for sterilisation.. 2 of sterilized females we released yesterday.. 5 sterilized females we released today & some people who came with us to collect their local street females in their cars.. Total 23 female dogs got sterilised in last 3 days.. we just started & I hope many kind people will be part of this & they will serve the voiceless animals as well.. One of our Team "I Love Desi Dogs" female member was with me and we together made this day beautiful for dogs..❤❤ More updates you can check on my Official SNAPCHAT 👉"EKAMPREET89"👈 is my UserName.. Kindly add me with UserName only.. Thank you all of you for being so supportive and sending so much Love from all over the world.. Regards, #ShreddedSingh #AnimalLover #DogsLover #StreetDogsLover #DontBuy #DontShop #AdoptOne

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Time For Next Level Motivation.. Every Tiny thing which exists in this world have MOTIVATION in itself.. I am very Motivated guy, who have Dreams which I have to achieve without hurting someone.. Pure hardword is something I put in from past many years to achieve my goals but this was not enough.. Somewhere I was lacking in my peace of mind.. And finally My Waheguru helped me out.. I found my Peace of mind by serving the Voiceless Creation of God "Dogs".. Here is my little friend named BITTU whom I am going to foster for few days.. Bittu is my Power Booster of Motiation.. How ? Why ? . .. Okay, Let me tell you more about Bittu.. Bittu is going for surgery next week, you can see in Top right picture.. Professional Dog's Surgeon said they have to Amputate his foot because it may take his life due to infection.. Guess what? Bittu was in this pain more than One year.. almost 1 and half year he keeping going through this pain.. He is a dog from Karnal city which is almost 125 kilometers far from my hometown.. I keep posted about my dogs who live near by my home & One of my Online friend Dom Singh told me about this dog.. I contacted Patiala based NGO "Guardians of the Voiceless" make sure you check their facebook socials.. they tried on their behalf links in karnal to get this dog treated.. But No one give positive response.. we are not surprised because when No one can feel and see his pain from past 1 and half year.. than one telephonic call not gonna make big change.. They said we have to bring that dog Patiala & we just bring him here.. You know what "PAIN IS SOMETHING WHICH ACTUALLY MAKES YOU STRONG".. Bittu is so strong, gentle, friendly & understanding boy.. I can feel all his pain & this pain made me more stronger.. Feeding every dog is my lifetime goal but thats true I can't feed every single dog in this world.. this is why I keep sharing my Love with all of you everyday because I know you guys will follow this. it will touch your soft heart feelings & once u started feeding them I feel proud of you.. believe me I lovr u guys when u send me pupps & dogs videos on snapchat, My happiness is on somewhere I can't explain.. continued in comments

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SMALL REMINDER FOR EVERYONE WHO SERVE AN ANIMAL OR WHO IS CRUEL TO AN ANIMAL.. . .. Sometime Humans Become so arrogant & foolish that they start reacting like an Evil towards Animals.. they literally forget that KARMA is still counting on our Actions.. I may not stand for every Animal cruelty in this world but My God Definitely stands for them I believe in my Waheguru.. . .. Just keep this in your mind buddy "THEY ARE VOICELESS.. YOU CAN'T HEAR THEIR BLESSING OR CURSE" but their creater GOD definitely listen the Voice of Voiceless and you will only REAP what you SOW.. . .. In punjabi "Waheguru inah Bezubaana di Insaan nalo pehla sunda.. Kyunki Insaan ta bolke sab nu das sakda, par eh bezubaan sidhaa Rabb nal gal krde ne te Parmatma nu sab dsde ne ki kehda Insaan inah nal kida da behave krda.. Jehda ehna nu Pyaar krda ohh Rabb de dil de nehde ho janda.. te jehda jehde v ehna nu marde ne ignore karde ne Rabb toh dur hoe jande ne.. Tuadi Kamayi di Ginti ch shayad tuada Hisaab kitaab galaat hoje, Par jad tuadi maut (final destination hai jo apa sab di) aauni hai, te KARMA ne jad kitaab kholke tuade kite karaam da hisaab karna, ohde ch kade v koi galti nahi houn wali.. . .. Hun eh tuadi Marzi hai Tusi ehna Bezubaana nal pyaar karo chahe ehna nu maro.. Mei kehan wala koi Nahi hunda, Waheguru Hi Faisla karda sab da aakhir ch.. #WaheguruMeharKare #LoveAnimals #DontBuy #DontShop #AdoptOne #ShreddedSingh #StreetDogsLover #AnimalLover

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