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LCA Tejas : Knight of the Indian Skies

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Creative Guidance – Being You – Inspirational & Educative Articles – IASbaba

Print PDF Being You In a world that is constantly changing, where everything around is becoming standardized and structured, where the best expectation from a person is to fit into the system that is already been laid out by others; Being you is the most difficult of things to do. It is so easy to […]

Source: Creative Guidance – Being You – Inspirational & Educative Articles – IASbaba

IASbaba’s TRIBUTE TO ALL THE LADIES: Scripting History- Ladies, the time is right! – IASbaba

Print PDFScripting History: Ladies, the time is right!     History has been scripted as Indian Air Force inducts first batch of women pilots into its fighter squadron. It definitely is a moment to be celebrated; as these embody the spirit of the same women we meet daily in our lives, breaking barriers to etch […]

Source: IASbaba’s TRIBUTE TO ALL THE LADIES: Scripting History- Ladies, the time is right! – IASbaba

WhatsApp debate on meat-eating with some friends (in Hindi)

[5/29, 2:49 PM] Ribhu Vashishtha: Bhai aisi koi baat nhi hai…main kisi ko pasand ya napasand nahi karta…main kaun hota hu kisi ko judge karne waala?…”Don’t judge others just because they sin differently than you”….

Main khud pehle egg eater tha lekin jab mujhe pata chala ki egg industry me daily hazaaron male chicks ko grinder me daalke maar dete hain kyunki woh humans ke kisi use ke nahi hote, tab maine eggs khaana chhod diya

main toh bass violence kam karne ki koshish karta hu duniya me awareness spread karke…..jab itne variety ke fruits & vegetables available hain, toh faltu me kisi ka khoon kyun karna?

Haan yeh samajh aata hai ki difficult hai non-veg chhodna toh uske liye market me mock meats available hain…main toh bass life ki value karta hu

Main PETA, People For Animals, We For Animals aur Wildlife SOS ka member hu…aur vegan movement global movement hai…usa aur europe me meat ke vegan substitutes easily available hain…India me ye debate politics me padke kachra ho jaata hai woh alag baat hai kyunki yahaan ganwaar bhare pade hain jo khoon karne ko freedom of diet se equate karte hain

[5/29, 2:54 PM] Ribhu Vashishtha: Baaki violence toh industrial dairy me bhi hai…cruelty ka ye scale hai:-
Meat > Eggs > Milk….
violence ko jitna minimize kar lo utna achcha 🙂

KNOWLEDGE – The Legacy

ऋभु वशिष्ठ (Ribhu Vashishtha)

The legacy called KNOWLEDGE

Recently, I saw the Hollywood movie “Lucy”. Although the main focus of the movie is on the “ten percent of brain” myth, a closer evaluation will reveal its foundation on Acharya Shankar’s philosophy. I liked the central tenet of the movie which is that you have knowledge, all of us have knowledge and that we need to pass it on so that the future generation can build on it and in turn pass it on! I recommend this movie to you if you are interested in deep philosophical questions like the origination of the universe, the purpose of existence, etc.

Our worldview is a product of the knowledge left behind by our ancestors. I believe that there should be no restrictions on propagation of beliefs, faiths, religions, sciences, philosophy or any other domain of knowledge because the present scenario of the world around us is a…

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