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Seeing God in all beings

Source : http://www.thehindu.com/society/faith/seeing-him-in-all-beings/article18619096.ece

Great learning brings great humility, for it exposes the extent of one’s ignorance. That is why Lord Krishna extols the vision of a true bhakta who is endowed with the knowledge of the infinite greatness of the Lord and of His all-pervading presence that inheres in the entire creation, pointed out Sri B. Damodhara Dikshitar in a discourse.

There are as many kinds of devotion as there are individuals. The average devotee is generally compassionate and affectionate to all beings, but feels a sense of differentiation between friends, enemies and so on.

The beginner in the path of devotion worships the Lord in the form of a deity or some form, but fails to accept His presence in other beings. But a true bhakta sees the Lord in all beings and also sees all beings in His Self. This vision is the culmination of jnana and bhakti and a bhakta never slips from this awareness.

It is said that once Saint Eknath, when retuning from Kashi Yatra, was moved to see a donkey almost dying of thirst on the way.

Without any hesitation, he opened a vial of Ganga water and poured it into the parched mouth of the donkey. He saw only the Lord in the soulful eyes and not the donkey.

In the case of Saint Namadev, he once chased a dog that had taken away the bread given to him by his wife, only to offer it the sugar and ghee as well which it had left behind. The dog became the Lord in front of him.

When Lord Shiva is said to have come in the form of a chandala to grace the yagna of Somasi Mara Nayanar, the Adiyar unhesitatingly offered the same hospitality he would offer others.

The Lord wants to show that in the eyes of a true bhakta, where Truth alone is revealed, there is no need for Him to come disguised.


Boycott Leather, use faux leather if you must


10 reasons you should go vegan


1.  Have you seen freelee she is fit as hell, you can achieve the same result by ditching the meat, dairy and eggs
2. You will almost definitely lose weight, losing weight is always in magazines and trashy newspapers but the diets they suggest are simply unsustainable, if you are on one of these diets which usually include an exercise plan then stop, it’s a scam you will not sustain a 1600 calorie diet while exercising as well, it’s not possible
3. You’ll feel better than ever, when I went vegan I was shocked at how amazing I felt, before I was vegan I felt tired all the time, I wasn’t far off going to the doctor to find out if I had chronic fatigue syndrome, I went vegan and it was like I had done coke or something I felt so alert and awake. Other people have also reported…

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Petition update : Petition demanding punishment sent to Bangalore Police Commissioner IPS N.S. Megharikh

24 Mar 2016 — Dear friends,

These petitions have been forwarded to the concerned authorities. I am thankful to all of you being the voice of the voiceless. Our support for animal rights will hopefully deter such animal rights offenders in the future. People from all around the world have supported this petition and this gives strength to animal rights activists like me to keep pursuing our common dream of a world that can be a happy place for each and every living being.
You all are angels! 🙂