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How to Deal with Rude & Toxic People



Be Kind on social media

I decided to write this post after witnessing a barrage of abusive comments on social media over politics and ideologies :

All of us are unique. Each is God’s own child.

We all have a different bouquet of beliefs, political inclinations, languages, values, attitudes and norms shaped by our own unique life experiences, upbringing, etc. Moreover these keep on fluctuating with time.

Often I have seen people hurling abuses towards each other and creating anger, hate, frustration on social media mainly over politics. There is no group which enagages in this harmful activity more or less than others. Fanatical supporters of every political group do this.

All this does harm to both the individual and the society. A person who routinely engages in abuse and slander can never be peaceful himself/herself. That such comments create rift in society is another obvious repercussion.

“Violence is not physical alone. It is also what we think and what we speak.” -Mahavir Jain

Let us all learn to be a little kinder towards each other regardless of our differences. Because the one fact that remains despite our myriad of differences is our strongest uniting factor – that we are all particles of the same universe, the same life/soul animates us, the same God creates us. Any amount of differences cannot surmount this greatest of truths in this world. No “us vs them” mentality can break this great unifying factor/bond! Learn from the teachings of great men like Buddha, Mahavir Jain, Adi Shankaracharya, Guru Nanak, Rumi, Zoroaster, Christ, etc.

So be kinder, be peaceful, love every creature of God regardless of his/her bouquet coz who knows if you were in his/her shoes, maybe you would also have been like that. So be a little more empathetic from today.

-Ribhu V.

❤ 🙂


Seeing God in all beings

Source : http://www.thehindu.com/society/faith/seeing-him-in-all-beings/article18619096.ece

Great learning brings great humility, for it exposes the extent of one’s ignorance. That is why Lord Krishna extols the vision of a true bhakta who is endowed with the knowledge of the infinite greatness of the Lord and of His all-pervading presence that inheres in the entire creation, pointed out Sri B. Damodhara Dikshitar in a discourse.

There are as many kinds of devotion as there are individuals. The average devotee is generally compassionate and affectionate to all beings, but feels a sense of differentiation between friends, enemies and so on.

The beginner in the path of devotion worships the Lord in the form of a deity or some form, but fails to accept His presence in other beings. But a true bhakta sees the Lord in all beings and also sees all beings in His Self. This vision is the culmination of jnana and bhakti and a bhakta never slips from this awareness.

It is said that once Saint Eknath, when retuning from Kashi Yatra, was moved to see a donkey almost dying of thirst on the way.

Without any hesitation, he opened a vial of Ganga water and poured it into the parched mouth of the donkey. He saw only the Lord in the soulful eyes and not the donkey.

In the case of Saint Namadev, he once chased a dog that had taken away the bread given to him by his wife, only to offer it the sugar and ghee as well which it had left behind. The dog became the Lord in front of him.

When Lord Shiva is said to have come in the form of a chandala to grace the yagna of Somasi Mara Nayanar, the Adiyar unhesitatingly offered the same hospitality he would offer others.

The Lord wants to show that in the eyes of a true bhakta, where Truth alone is revealed, there is no need for Him to come disguised.

Actor Irrfan Khan stands up for animal rights #respect

Source : The Indian Express

Actor Irrfan Khan has landed himself in a controversy over remarks on the Islamic ritual of ‘qurbani’, or sacrificing animals on Eid-al-Adha, while he was in Jaipur for the promotion of his upcoming movie Madaari.

Jitne rituals hain, jitney festivals hain, hum unka asal matlab bhool gaye hain. Hamne unko ek tamasha bana diya he. (We have forgotten the real meaning behind rituals and festivals and have turned them into a spectacle). Qurbani ek bahut ahem festival hai… it means sacrifice. Goat was then a prime source of food and there were many who went hungry. So you had to, in a way, sacrifice something dear to you and distribute it to people,” Khan said in Jaipur on Thursday.

“But today if you bought two goats from the market, and have nothing to do with them (no attachment), how is it sacrifice? It is common sense: anyone who is sacrificing should ask themselves, if you take life of something else, how will you get sawab (reward in the context of Islam) for it? Aap jaan kisi aur ki le rahe ho, aap qurbaan usko kar rahe ho, aapko punya kaise milega bhai? It is common sense,” the actor said.

“So we should understand why our festivals and rituals were really started. If we don’t understand it, it can be misused,” he said.

The comments drew criticism from clerics. Rajasthan’s chief quazi Khalid Usmani said, “The comments display a lack of Islamic knowledge. He probably got carried away emotionally while speaking on the subject. If he indeed wanted to make comments on the issue, he should have first apprised himself thoroughly of the subject.”

All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) member Maulana Khalid Rashid Farangi Mahali said, “The comment seems to have been inspired from the current atmosphere in the country regarding consumption of meat. Sacrificing an animal on Eid-al-Adha is a symbolic gesture. It is to instil passion in a person so that one is ready to step up when called upon by the family or nation for sacrifice. His comments are baseless.”

AIMPLB member Zafaryab Jilani said, “He is not an expert on religion… Today, goats and other animals are sacrificed in a symbolic gesture; the intention is still sacrifice. If he says that one should really sacrifice something dear, then one can’t go and kill their child, else people will call him mad. Going by his comments, it seems he made them sarcastically,” Jilani said.

The clerics’ reactions provoked a rejoinder from Irrfan on Friday. He tweeted, “Pls Bhaiyon, who r upset with my statement, either u r not ready to introspect or u r in a hurry 2 reach 2 a conclusion.”

Personal View:

Every religion and culture on earth needs to continuously introspect logically and reform itself. Dynamism and reform elevate religions, not undermine it. There are similar rituals in almost all religions that need to be stopped. All such past rituals are logically incoherent with modern times and common sense demands them to be stopped. Irrfan Khan has taken a bold step by becoming a voice for the voiceless. More power to him. God bless him. Like the reformer Raja Ram Mohun Roy, Irrfan will find himself surrounded and criticized by many orthodox people who do not want to change and help make their religion improve. It takes great courage to speak up surrounded by so many furious people who do not want change. People like Irrfan are rare in the world. Hope other celebrities also take a stand on such issues because many people get influenced by their opinions. Becoming a voice for the weaker sections among all species on earth and helping to uplift them is the real service to God.