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He needs no help

Source : The Hindu

The Krishna Yajur Veda describes the Supreme One as animishah. That means He is vigilant in protecting His devotees, said V.S. Karunakarachariar in a discourse. Did not Lord Varadaraja of Kanchipuram keep watch over Ramanuja and guide him to safety when his life was in danger?

The Veda also says that He conquers without any help. He does not need help to destroy the army of sins that each one of us has. Lord Krishna’s words “maam Ekam” should be recalled here. He does not expect or need anyone’s help in vanquishing our sins. No wonder the Veda calls upon us to seek His help.

“Yudho naraha”, the Veda calls out, meaning “Oh you men who are engaged in battle.” What is the battle we are engaged in? We hanker after material possessions and are never satisfied with what we have. To fulfil our desires, we resort to wrongful means. That results in a constant battle with our conscience which tells us we are wrong. Therefore, we are all people who are always engaged in battle.

We also have to battle with our indriyas. In his Tiruvaimozhi, Nammazhvar presents a verbal picture of our battle with the senses. A commentary compares Nammazhvar’s cries to those of Sita when She was a prisoner in Lanka. So whose help should we mortals seek? We should seek the help of the One whom the Vedic mantra refers to as “ishuhastena,” that is the One armed with an arrow. Who else can this be but Ram?

Ram also fits the description of One who makes us cry to Him for help and then saves us. When Sugreeva and Vali fought, He did not save Sugreeva at once. His excuse was that since both looked alike, He did not want to hit Sugreeva by mistake. It was not as if Ram could not have killed Vali immediately. He wanted Sugreeva to express his helplessness and beseech Him for help.