Last Salute to Marshal of the IAF Arjan Singh…Jai Hind.



The bashing of Brahmins and India’s caste-system has an agenda


Common people in the west know hardly anything about India. But one thing they all know: India has an ‘inhuman’ caste system, which is an important feature of their religion, Hinduism. Most also ‘know’ that Brahmins are the highest caste, which oppresses the lower castes, and worst off are the untouchables.

I learnt this already in primary school, but knew nothing at that time about the concentration camps of Nazi Germany only a few years earlier or about the atrocities of slavery or colonialism. Yet the Indian caste system with Brahmins as villains was part of the curriculum in Bavarian schools in the early 1960s, and it still is today: some time ago I asked three young Germans in Rishikesh what they associate with Hinduism. Their prompt reply was, “caste system”.  Surely, they also had learnt that it was most inhuman. In all likelihood, all over the world school children…

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Gen Y attacks Bollywood’s duplicity (AIB videos)

I am one of the Generation Y kids. I was born in 1989. Since my childhood, I have been watching stuff in Bollywood movies that has gone against the teachings of my culture, school and family. This incoherence and malicious content in Bollywood movies has always left me confused.

Some of those are : depiction of women as objects, objectification of women for e.g. in item songs, separate shots of various body parts of the actresses (like waist shot, breasts shot, etc. mostly in songs), the male lead continuing to flirt and harass the female lead in the plot even after the lady clearly says “NO“, glorification of alcohol and binge drinking, female lead always playing the role of an second fiddle and “love interest”, dehumanizing of women and larger than life portrayal of male lead, etc.

I want to profusely thank and commend the work undertaken by AIB in exposing and ridiculing these tactics.

Movies have an impact on the psyche of the audience. When a person watches the male lead in the movie harassing and flirting with the women onscreen even after being refused, it translates into crimes against women in real life. These “sophisticated” and literate idiots of Bollywood which includes filmamkers, producers, actors, rappers, etc. destroy the very soul of India with such films.

Indian culture and society is probably the only one in the world where God is  worshipped in female form (Shakti/Durga/Kaali) also. Still, we see crimes against women increasing everyday. Newspapers are strewn with stories of rapes, harassments, acid attacks and what not! Surely, the criminal is not the only one responsible in society. One of the major factors is such movies which have poured venom on our women, on our culture, on our generations.

No doubt, there are many good movies in Bollywood too minus all this BS stuff, but here I am referring to the mainstream commercial movies made for entertainment of the masses. These are the movies that rake in crores and have an impact on the nation’s psyche. Children watch these movies and get influenced by acts in them. A filmmaker has a moral responsibility to expose the ills of the society and atleast not harm it with his/her film. But ofcourse, majority of them do not care about that. All they want is their movie to rake in crores and crores through the use of degrading item songs, flying and burning cars, colourful sets and no-brainer storyline. This is the main reason why people from my generation and the next have moved on to Hollywood movies and American TV shows. Atleast women do not play second fiddle in those and are treated with basic dignity.

The recent exposure videos of AIB calling out on Bollywood’s nepotism, negative portrayal of women, etc. hits at the very reputation of such filmmakers. Atleast now these filmmakers will have a fear of risking their credibility, respectability and maybe even revenue next time they create such movies. And I think it is our duty as members of the society to ridicule such films again and again if we notice it.

Again, congratulations to AIB for this. More power to them. Keep exposing team AIB, you rock!! 

Some of their videos are:-

-Ribhu V.

Hindi speakers should give more respect to other languages: President Ram Nath Kovind

Source : The Hindu

President Ram Nath Kovind on Thursday asked Hindi-speaking people to give more respect and space to regional languages and their speakers in a bid to make Hindi more popular across the country.

Addressing a function on the occasion of ‘Hindi Divas’ in New Delhi, the President said, Hindi continued to face opposition in some parts of the country even though it became an official language many decades ago.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh, who was also present at the function organised by his Ministry, said in his address that Hindi could be enriched further if its speakers also used words from other languages.

Referring to recent incidents on the Bangalore Metro, where a pro-Kannada group opposed Hindi signboards in the train service, and earlier agitations against Hindi in Tamil Nadu, President Kovind said there was a feeling among some people that Hindi was being imposed on them.

“Non-Hindi speaking people desire that we [Hindi-speaking people] give attention to their languages. Those who speak Hindi should give space to other languages. We all have the responsibility to give respect to non-Hindi speaking people and regional languages,” he said.

Mr. Kovind suggested that those who speak Hindi should greet a Tamilian with a ‘vanakkam’, a Sikh with ‘Sat Sri Akal’ and a Muslim with an ‘Adaab’ — words of greeting in Tamil, among Sikhs and in Urdu respectively. They should use the word ‘Garu’ (sir) while addressing a Telugu-speaking person, he said.

The adoption of other languages and cultures will help unite the people and the country, he said.

The President said he had used the Russian word ‘spasiba’ (thank you) while ending his speech at a state banquet during the recent visit of Belarus President A.G. Lukashenko. The guest was so delighted that he spontaneously responded with a ‘Jai Hind.’

The Belarus President also announced that Hindi would be taught in that country’s state university from this month.

Mr. Kovind also asked lawyers and doctors to use Hindi and other regional languages at work.

“In India people don’t understand the language of lawyers and doctors. In courts, now, gradually Hindi and other languages are being spoken. Similarly, if the doctors start giving prescriptions in Devanagari and other languages, the doctor-patient distance will be reduced,” he said.

In his address, the Home Minister said Hindi was the unifying language for the country and had helped bring people of different regions together during India’s freedom struggle.

“We [Hindi-speaking people] should accept and use popular words of regional languages. If we do that, it will enrich the language,” he said.

Mr. Singh said the contribution of non-Hindi speaking people such as Mahatma Gandhi and Bal Gangadhar Tilak was immense in making Hindi an official language of the country.

He also questioned those who said English was required for India to become an economic power.

“I want to ask those who say that without English India can’t be an economic power, how come China has become an economic power by speaking Mandarin,” he said.

In his welcome speech, Union Minister of State for Home Kiren Rijiju said even though Hindi was not his mother tongue, he felt immense pride while speaking the language.

“In my native State [Arunachal Pradesh], Hindi is widely spoken and used by common people from all walks of life,” he said.