Spiritual knowledge

Source : The Hindu

Talking of the impermanence of the human body, Saint Vallalar, in his Deiva Mani Maalai, compares it to a rainbow, said M.A.Manickavelu in a discourse.

Human life lasts for a short time, like a rainbow. Kumaraguruparar, in his Neetineri Vilakkam, says that youth is like water bubbles. You see them one minute and they are gone the next. So does youth end, yielding place to middle age and then old age, and finally sickness and death. As flood waters wash away everything in their path, so is wealth lost. This body of ours is akin to letters written on water. Do such letters last? In the same way, our body also perishes. “That being the case, why do you waste time? Go and worship the Lord,” says Kumaraguruparar.

The habit of studying philosophy must be inculcated in youth. What one has no taste for when one is young is not going to become palatable when one gets old. Young men and women would do well to think of what old age brings with it. Naaladiyaar says that in old age, we find it difficult to walk and need the aid of a stick. We lose our teeth. We become a burden to our families. We cannot go out without help. At that stage of life, he who has fallen into the trap of worldly desires will not get liberation, says Naaladiyaar.

The Tamil work Yelaadi says that youth lasts for a brief period and disease and old age will soon be upon us. We must at least spend the remaining days of our life doing the right things.

When Marulneekkiyaar suffered from an incurable stomach ailment, his sister Thilakavatiar applied sacred ash on his forehead and he was cured. He came to be known as Appar. Appar lamented the fact that in his youth he was without a proper goal.

Thus acquiring spiritual knowledge at a young age is necessary.


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