Ram’s compassion

Source : The Hindu

Valmiki hails Ram with the epithet Sarva Bhuta Hite Rataha for His exceptional care and concern to the welfare and well being of the entire creation. It is a tribute to the sterling quality of compassion that Ram embodies, pointed out Srimati Jaya Srinivasan in a discourse.

Ravan senses danger when he hears that Ram has crossed the ocean and reached Lanka with the Vanara army. It is unbelievable, he tells himself, yet it has come to pass that the entire Vanara army has built a bridge and crossed over to his kingdom. In his own interest, he decides to send two rakshasa spies, Suka and Charana, to assess the enemy’s strength. They enter the enemy camp disguised as monkeys and Vibhishana recognises them. When they are taken to Ram, they are sure that it is going to be death for them; but they are amazed and surprised by the benevolence of Ram and in the way He allays their fears.

Ram smilingly makes the following enquiries to both of them: “Have you seen the entire army of ours? Have you made enough enquiries about all of us? Have you done what your rakshasa king has commanded you to do? Then you may go back.” He even tells that Vibhishana will give them whatever details they may require. He tells them that though they have been caught they will not be killed because spies without defence should not be killed. He asks them to get back to Lanka and convey His warning message to Ravana that very soon He will unleash His anger against him in battle. Ram Himself proclaims that His protection is assured to all beings unconditionally and He vows to uphold this promise at all times. Only the Supreme Lord can make such a promise and also uphold it with extraordinary confidence. In it is subsumed the Lord’s omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence, unique and unparalleled.


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