Sita’s compassion

Source : Faith - The Hindu

Sita is always inseparable from Rama, but gets separated when she gives in to a momentary temptation to possess the golden deer. She undergoes untold suffering as she is tormented and threatened by evil forces.

Sita’s life of captivity in Asoka Vana mirrors that of the jivatma caught in the cycle of birth, having lost its moorings and hence its awareness of its true nature and allegiance to the Lord. Sita teaches by her example the way of firm faith in the Lord’s protection, without yielding to the pressure of trying circumstances and seeming delays in the matter of being saved, pointed out Sri V. Karunakarachariar in a discourse.

In spite of many attempts to unsettle her faith, she never even for moment forgets Rama. She spends her time meditating on Rama Nama, hoping and praying that one day Rama will surely come and rescue her.

She only sees Rama everywhere and at all times and hence Ravana fails to make any dent on her faith in Rama. She does go to the edge of despair but is saved by the timely arrival of Hanuman who brings tidings of Rama to her.

In playing the role of the divine mother incarnate, Sita stands tall in her compassion towards all jivatmas irrespective of their faults and sins. It is extraordinary that she feels for Ravana, her tormentor.

In her eyes he is pitiable for his arrogance, ego and his adharma. She even advises Ravana that he can still live in peace and prosperity and save himself from terrible death if he only befriends Rama. She asks him if he cannot see Rama as the very embodiment of dharma. Anyone who takes refuge in Him can rest assured that he will be free from sorrow, pain, fear and grief.

When Hanuman wishes to kill the rakshasis after Ravana’s fall, Sita is sympathetic towards them and dissuades him.


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