Be Kind on social media

I decided to write this post after witnessing a barrage of abusive comments on social media over politics and ideologies :

All of us are unique. Each is God’s own child.

We all have a different bouquet of beliefs, political inclinations, languages, values, attitudes and norms shaped by our own unique life experiences, upbringing, etc. Moreover these keep on fluctuating with time.

Often I have seen people hurling abuses towards each other and creating anger, hate, frustration on social media mainly over politics. There is no group which enagages in this harmful activity more or less than others. Fanatical supporters of every political group do this.

All this does harm to both the individual and the society. A person who routinely engages in abuse and slander can never be peaceful himself/herself. That such comments create rift in society is another obvious repercussion.

“Violence is not physical alone. It is also what we think and what we speak.” -Mahavir Jain

Let us all learn to be a little kinder towards each other regardless of our differences. Because the one fact that remains despite our myriad of differences is our strongest uniting factor – that we are all particles of the same universe, the same life/soul animates us, the same God creates us. Any amount of differences cannot surmount this greatest of truths in this world. No “us vs them” mentality can break this great unifying factor/bond! Learn from the teachings of great men like Buddha, Mahavir Jain, Adi Shankaracharya, Guru Nanak, Rumi, Zoroaster, Christ, etc.

So be kinder, be peaceful, love every creature of God regardless of his/her bouquet coz who knows if you were in his/her shoes, maybe you would also have been like that. So be a little more empathetic from today.

-Ribhu V.

❤ 🙂



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