The four-legged protectors: 4 stray dogs save baby girl in dumpster in Bengal

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Over the past couple of months we have come across many incidents of stray-dog menace and dogs being attacked in retaliation. The debates about dog culling in Kerala to Union minister Maneka Gandhi appealing for action against dog killers, have been sad and disappointing.

But, here’s something positive that cheered people on social media — a report on four stray dogs saving a newborn found in a dumpster. The news was reported in Purulia district of Bengal. According to Times of India, the four dogs not able to do much after discovering the child, sat in guard and protected her from crows and patiently waited for help.

On November 5, a schoolteacher identified as Ulhas Chowdhury, on his way to school, heard the wailing of a baby. He started looking around and trailed the cry coming behind the bushes. Suddenly he saw a small baby wrapped in pink cloth crying aloud, with four, four-legged protectors.

Discovering the little one, Chowdhury alerted people of the neighbourhood and asked for help. The report adds that Chowdhury’s neighbour Parveen Sen rushed to the spot and picked the baby from the bin and even feed her milk.

When the baby girl was brought to Chowdhury’s home before taking her to the hospital for initial examinations, her rescuers followed the people to his home and ensured she was okay.

The Purulia Sadar police station was informed and they informed the incident to 24-hour child helpline. The baby is current in a local hospital and has jaundice but doctors say there is nothing to fear. The doctors also said that the abandoned baby girl is 7-10 days old and weighs 2.8kg.


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