Para Tatva

Source : The Hindu (Faith Column)

One who perceives the underlying oneness in creation realises peace. The legends and stories about saints, kings, devotees, etc, in the Puranas enable the common man to come to an intuitive understanding of this abstract Truth, said Swami Paramasukhananda in a discourse.

Daksha’s hatred for Siva is transformed to bhakti when his ignorance about the Supreme Truth is broken and wisdom dawns in him. After the yagna Daksha had planned was disrupted, the celestial beings along with Brahma approach Siva to show mercy on them. They had not opposed Daksha’s extreme behaviour. Siva is extolled as the Supreme Deity in the famous Siva Stuti at this juncture.

Daksha is repentant after being chastised, and, once again performs the yagna. This time the offerings to the celestial beings are duly made. At that time Vishnu appears and explains the truth that Brahma, Vishnu and Siva though three in form are one entity. The Lord, though one and without a second, assumes the three forms, respectively of Brahma, Vishnu and Siva for creation, preservation and dissolution of the world. No difference in the three exists except in attributes.

Scriptures hail this Supreme Brahman as above all Gunas and as the very embodiment of Sat-Chit-Ananda, the eternally existing Truth which is the essence of consciousness and bliss. Though He is the ultimate principle, He is also the personal God who creates the perceptible world by His Prakriti and also resides in the heart of every being. He is the enjoyer of all sacrifices. He stirs our hearts to devotion and answers our prayers and is the source and sustainer of values. He enters into personal relationship with us in worship and prayer.


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