Simply Supreme!

Source : The Hindu

The Mundakopanishad describes the Supreme One in many ways. He is adrishyam — He cannot be seen with our eyes. He is agraahyam — He cannot be understood. He is Agotram — He is without beginning. He is Nityam — always present, is the same and never changes. He is described as Vibhu, indicating that He took many avataras. He is Sarvagata — present at all times. He is Avyaya — indicating His indestructibility. He is bhutayoni — the Creator of everything.

If we view the Krishna avatara in the light of the Mundakopanishad’s definition of the Supreme One, we are filled with amazement at His simplicity, said Kidambi Narayanan in a discourse. Krishna tended cows, kept the company of cowherds, danced with the Gopikas, and most importantly, allowed Yasoda to tie Him up! Yasoda, an unlettered woman, was able to tie Him up! That is the regard He has for His devotees. When Gajendra’s foot was caught by a crocodile, Gajendra cried because he was unable to offer a flower to the Lord, not because he was himself in pain. Such is the affection He gets. The Lord is like a precious gem that can easily be tied up in a small piece of cloth. Likewise does the Supreme One allow a human being to tie Him up. It is because of His concern for His devotees that He took so many avataras. He tells Arjuna that while his (Arjuna’s) births may end one day, His births are never going to end because there will always be people in this world who need to be saved by Him. Parasara Bhattar, discoursing on the Ramayana, said that Rama would be found wherever there were virtuous people. But Rama Himself would be seated on the floor, while the elders were seated on pedestals.

What further proof is needed for His simplicity?


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