SACRIFICE – An inbuilt resource

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When Krishna talks of the secret of creation, He draws attention to the wheel of karma that is central in the life of human beings. The capacity to do sacrifice is inbuilt in everyone since the time of creation when the creator brought forth human beings along with sacrifice and said: “By this may you grow and sustain yourselves and may this be your Kamadhenu.”

In this context, the reference to the celestial cow Kamadhenu is symbolic of the peace and prosperity that is attainable to people when they are able to make full use of their capacity to sacrifice, pointed out Srimati Sunanda in a discourse. Sacrificing means not denying one’s interests, but implies the willingness to accommodate others’ desires as well. It is the ability to share and think of others without selfishness. It is a wonderful capacity that ennobles human nature, but it is a pity that many cross life without being aware of this inherent capacity in them. This is because we cannot eschew our individuality which manifests as ego.

Circumstances in this world constantly fan the flame of the ego. A word of praise from fellow human beings is always welcome whether one really deserves it or not. One should have the strength and stamina for constant and honest self-appraisal and be ready to receive and withstand criticism. Fostering the capacity to sacrifice one’s faculties for something higher is a mental sadhana that uplifts one towards the ultimate ideal even as one is rooted in the world of reality and worldly existence. A fine balance is to be sought since one is bound by the human society and is also an inheritor of human foibles. Chasing worldly desires leads only to disappointments and never to long-lasting happiness.


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