Saala Khadoos


4 thoughts on “Saala Khadoos

    1. English Translation:-

      I’m a little crazy, I walk on my path without fear, in all my veins there is boiling anger there is my punch clenched in my fist, so what if they call me a snob.

      my anger teaches me how to walk. my craziness shows me the path. I don’t get the ways of the world, I’ll go fearlessly where the path takes me.

      I don’t feel any shyness, I am like naked, Even if I am alone, I am good like I am. so what if they call me a snob.

      when lies and deception trouble me, my tongue is dark, with shadows on it. [kaali zubaan is proverbially used for someone who says bad things which turn out to be true, but here it’s probably limited to saying bad things and not necessarily on the latter part.] even if nobody is able to understand this madness, who cares, I live with my head held high.

      I am my own manners, I am vagrant, nomad.. 🙂


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