Leather: Just Say No

Making Waves 🌸utreach

I admit I am guilty of buying leather. There was a time when I didn’t know any better and just went with the flow and didn’t think twice about it. I haven’t bought leather since 1994 and I actually stopped buying leather, suede and all other fabrics made of animals (down, wool, silk, fur) before I stopped eating meat. For many activists, it’s usually the other way around, if they shun it at all. I have heard of some vegetarians that don’t see an issue wearing leather.

To me, leather is no different than fur. For most people, they are part of a major outcry when they hear about fur and the heinous suffering involved in the methods used for killing and the conditions in which the animals are raised in. Leather is no different, there is pain and suffering and the taking of a life to obtain things we…

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