The dilemma of history!

No matter how much you come to respect geat historical personalities in your childhood, when you grow up and read different political views, you find contrary derogatory views for every personality. When I started to read about different political ideologies after my school life, I found disrespectful views about almost each personality I had admired and respected in my childhood like Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, Bhagat Singh, Jawaharlal Nehru, Atal Behari Vajpayee, Mother Teresa, etc.  (and even gods like Krishna, Ram and Shiva). These things started bothering me and for some time even depressed me. After some time I realized that all historical figures are hated by some or the other section of the polity. There is no historical figure who is loved universally. There’s no point in trying to defend your role models from irrational people. I admit that some may have some flaws but the important point to remember is that no human being is perfect. All have committed some or the other mistake. But ignoring the 90% of their contribution to the world which was uplifting for the society and stressing upon the 10% that is perceived bad, is outrageous. I have learnt to just focus on their positives and imbibe them, while learning from their mistakes. One of my teachers told me that histories are created in another era in different situations. There is no way to correctly ascertain the situations in the times whose histories are written. Moreover majority of the criticisms against historical figures are biased and politically motivated.
There’s no one who is perfect or who will be able to please all… Better to just go with it…
Just keep your conscience clear, be honest to yourself and learn whatever good you can from whoever you can 🙂


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