Amnesia of Animal Eaters


Some time ago, a man in the US was sentenced to 6 months in jail for tying his dog to his car and dragging him to death. The dog had ‘barked too much’ which made his owner furious. Neighbours chased the man. They were rightly upset by his cruel act and, except for some perverse and pathological misfits, every human being who deserves this label will surely condemn brutal treatment of animals.

This new item, however, reminded me of a German saying, which means: “What I don’t know does not agitate me.” In all likelihood, the neighbours of that American are meat eaters. Are they aware of the heart-breaking life and finally slaughter of all those chicken, cows, pigs, sheep or goats in the so called meat industry? Probably they vaguely are, yet somehow it does not get at them. It seems one needs to be personally involved with one…

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