Talaq for giving birth to girl is haraam: Deoband

Source: The Hindu

Darul-Uloom-Deoband, the influential Islamic seminary on Tuesday came up with some thing which would bring cheer to many. It declared that practice of talaq (divorce) to wife for giving birth to a girl is “illegal” and haraam (strictly prohibited by Islam).

The fatwa came in response to several instances, where the husband divorces his wife because she gave birth to a girl. But the immediate trigger was the case in which a man working in Riyadh, called up his wife in Muzaffarnagar and divorced her over phone just because she had recently given birth to his fourth child, a girl.

The matter went to the community panchayat which approved the talaq after which somebody from Muzaffarnagar approached the seminary for its opinion on the issue. Fatwa means opinion and is technically not binding on the person who asks for it.

“It is not in the control of the woman to give birth to a boy or girl. Moreover, a boy and a girl are equal for Islam. So, giving talaq to one’s wife just because she has given birth to a baby girl is completely unacceptable and haraam from the point of view of Islam,” said the spokesperson of the seminary Ashraf Usmani.

Expressing outrage at the fact that the woman was given talaq on phone, Maulana Uslmani said, “The very thought of divorcing one’s life partner while sitting thousands of miles away on phone is outrageous. This shows nothing but extreme highhandedness of this society towards woman which is quite inhuman and goes against Islamic spirit of the relationship between husband and wife.”


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