Extraordinary versatility

Source: The Hindu (http://www.thehindu.com/features/friday-review/religion/extraordinary-versatility/article7633905.ece)

The uniqueness of Krishna avatar is its exceptional versatility where Supremacy and Saulabhya coexist, pointed out Srimati Prema Pandurang in a discourse.

The Lord lives as a child in Gokula and as a friend to the cowherds and cows. His penchant for butter is shown as leading Him to steal it; but the real significance is that He succeeds in stealing the hearts of His devotees.

He allays the fears of the Vraja people who sense evil omens that portend the dangers and threats sponsored by Kamsa not knowing the truth that He is the ultimate protector of all creation.

Once, He jumps into the section of the Yamuna that is the dwelling place of the deadly serpent Kaliya. The heat of the serpent’s poison has resulted in the death of the birds and beasts in the vicinity. Even tree saplings cannot sprout. So Krishna decides to get rid of this serpent. The splash rouses Kaliya from his complacency, and seeing Krishna in the river, he stings Krishna and encloses Him in his coils. Krishna remains motionless within the serpent’s clutches for some time and then begins to extricate Himself and slowly shakes away the coils. This causes much pain to Kaliya and he lets off the hold.

In great rage he blows poisonous fumes through his mouth and nostrils. But soon the serpent soon loses its energy in front of the Lord who steps on its hoods. The Lord, the master of all the fine arts, performs the most graceful dance and the delightful display is witnessed by the Vraja people and the celestial beings alike. The dance also subdues the pride of Kaliya who is spared by the merciful Lord. More noteworthy is Kaliya’s good fortune to have been blessed by the Lord’s hallowed feet — sought by all who desire salvation.



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