Who is Krishna

ऋभु वशिष्ठ (Ribhu Vashishtha)


Krishna is one of the central characters in ancient Hindu texts such as the Mahabharata, the Puranas, the Itihasas, etc. In these texts, he is depicted with powers asscoiated often with supreme God characteristics of Hindu religious art, such as multiple arms or heads denoting power, and with attributes of Lord Vishnu such as the chakra or in his two-armed form as a charioteer. In the Hindu texts, he is represented as playing the flute which draws all the gopis and people of Vrindavan towards him, transfixed by the blissful sound of his flute. It is said that when he played the flute, people used to forget all their worldly problems and get focused on him alone. Some great seers explain that the flute of Krishna means the flute of revelation and not the physical flute. Majority of the people regard him as a Hindu god.

But Krishna is more…

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