Chinese go ecstatic dancing over Krishna kirtans

ऋभु वशिष्ठ (Ribhu Vashishtha)

Source: Times of India -

BEIJING: In a rare event, over 200 sang kritans and danced to the tune of ‘Hare Krishna’ in Beijing on Saturday. The event, which would have been impossible to imagine in Communist China until recently, is a sign the government is ready to extend its liberal approach from yoga to Indian meditation forms.

“The situation is slowly changing, People in China want spirituality. They are responding enthusiastically to Krishna kirtans,” Kavichandra Swami, a senior monk of ISKCON, told TNN.

The event began with the Swami explaining some basic aspects of Gita concerning the endless human search for happiness, and the importance of the “Hare Krishna” mantra. The audience responded surprising well to exhortations from the dais to chant mantra. At the end of three hours, the audience opened up and joined in the dancing with the monks and volunteers. It was a rare, almost…

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