Jesus Christ was a vegetarian…

Jesus Christ was a great yogi, a prophet and a vegetarian. He was a great spiritual figure who had compassion for all creatures. I have immense respect for him for he taught true compassion.
Jesus believed in simple living and nonviolence, and felt that this was part of the law of God. Jesus was undoubtedly vegetarian, since this was the original teaching of Christianity. Jesus did not bring a new theology, but rather a radical understanding of the law. For Jesus, the law commands nonviolence; we are not to shed blood, whether the blood of humans in warfare or the blood of animals in meat consumption or animal sacrifice. Jesus risked and gave his life to disrupt the wicked and bloody animal sacrifices in the temple. But the religion of Jesus has been lost from modern Christianity. There is evidence that Christ’s opposition to animal sacrifice at the Jewish Temple was the triggering event that led to the Crucifixion.
It is the bane of modern times that the scriptures of all religions have been corrupted by modern “pseudo-intellectuals” just to satisfy their cruel appetite. Animals have been subject to brutal torture and suffering in an industrial scale holocaust. The world goes through holocaust every single day on an unprecedented scale just to satisfy your appetite.
BUT ALL THIS NEGATIVE KARMA WILL NOT GO UNPUNISHED. The environment is being distorted because of non-vegetarianism and there is little time left to make this process reversible. The extinction or survival of the human species depends on such lifestyle changes i.e. adopting vegetarianism.




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