In India, to be veg is to drink a lot of milk – RESPONSE (What it means to be a vegetarian)

Dear Sir,

This is in response to your article in Indian Express dated 15th June, 2015 titled “In India, to be veg is to drink a lot of milk” (
First of all, I would like to tell you that though you have used logic in your arguments supporting non-vegetarianism, you have not taken a holistic view on the matter. You have not pondered upon the logic used by vegetarians which I have elaborated in the links below. Kindly go through them once:-
Secondly, I would like to counter your argument regarding eating sterile eggs produced by hens which never mate. Your logic is right. But those hens which are used to produce these eggs are slaughtered once they stop giving eggs. For the eggs business these hens are kept in bondage for their entire lives. Commodification of animals is a loathful practise. Imagine the same being inflicted on you.
Thirdly, you have said that majority of Indians are lacto-vegetarians which is not the same as being vegan. While I commend your commitment towards veganism, I want to say to you that you should have used this argument to support vegetarianism and not for giving indefensible support towards non-vegetarianism. Drinking milk by keeping the cow in full respect and honour and caring for it is way lot better than inflicting pain on animals and eating flesh from their corpses after murdering them.
Fourthly, please don’t glamorize non-vegetarianism by calling vegetarians as “ghaas-phoos” types. Already the number of meat-eaters is on the rise in India. Please don’t degrade the situation further.
Being a vegetarian in India is not only about milk consumption as your article tries to convey.
Being a vegetarian means respecting life in every creature of Mother Nature and having compassion for it. When there are options to minimize suffering, why to commit more wrong in this already messed up world?
If you cannot rid yourself of eating flesh from corpses then I request you not to trap others who are free from this wrong-doing. Please don’t encourage others towards this practice when world over people are increasingly realizing the flaws of being a non-vegetarian. Your article tends to push people towards carcass food.
Lastly, a debate with a vegetarian is a debate with your own conscience sir 🙂
P.S.: I would also be posting this response mail online so that people who have been brainwashed by your article can come back on the right path again.
Yours sincerely,
Ribhu Vashishtha
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4 thoughts on “In India, to be veg is to drink a lot of milk – RESPONSE (What it means to be a vegetarian)

  1. Great job ribhu bhai…..bahut mast kaam kr rha hai…..asuro ki budhhi bhrasth hai par jo inke influence mien aa jate
    hain khud ko intelligent aur logical maankar unke liye logical counter jaroori hai….hats off man


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