Five Reasons To Go Vegan 🐤

The Vegan Lily

The Animals Its estimated hat over 56 billion farmed animals alone are killed every year and over 3000 animals are killed in slaughter houses around the world every second. Of course, these figures are not including the numbers of fish and sea creatures that are killed each year. This number is so large that it’s measured in tonnes.

Your Health A healthy vegan diet can be very beneficial for your health. Excluding animal products and by-products from your diet can help prevent cancers, heart diseases, diabetes etc.

Planet Livestock is responsible for 18% of carbon emissions in the world. Compare this to transports responsibility for 13% of carbon emissions…

The People Starving Land used to grow grain and food for our own ‘food’ to eat could be used to grow crops that could feed millions of starving people in third world countries.

Your Mind Being aware of your…

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