NON-VEGETARIANISM: Don’t euphemize inflicting unbearable pain on animals with “non-vegetarian protein diet for humans”

Ever endured pain? Physical, psychological and emotional?

Remember what it’s like when even a tiny needle of an injection is pierced through your skin when you go for vaccination?

Even that tiny needle of an injection induces so much horror and anticipation of suffering in our minds.

Now imagine what goes through an animal’s mind and body when it is taken to be slaughtered under a knife or axe or any other weapon of its death?

Do you think God watches over us only when we hurt humans? Do you think the principle of Karma operates only in case of humans?

You like to talk about humanity and all kinds of fancy ethical stuff but why do you override / ignore your thoughts when you order a chicken or steak (beef) or ham at the restaurant?

What about animals? Aren’t they living beings? Why do you deny them having a personality or a soul or feelings?

Think of how much love you feel for your pet. You assign it a personality but when you eat a hamburger you just think of the animal as some random farm animal ! This is disgusting.

The answer is simple: you have been so much habituated by that demonic taste of meat that you can’t resist getting rid of your non-vegetarian diet.

Only people who have a higher sense of ethicality or people who are extremely religious and believe in their love for God are able to overcome this demonic desire to eat other living beings and remember prior to eating the suffering that the poor innocent mute animal goes through just before its death. I have seen many converts to vegetarianism and they are all in a higher level of spiritual state. These people feel the pain the animal must have gone through during the process of being cut in half or tossed in boiling oil in a frying pan. Just try to imagine it once! You are sure to feel horror and pain. But you will again forget it in a few hours and suppress that moral guilt of yours just because of the unyielding hold your senses have over your whole being.


Remember nothing you do goes unrewarded or unpunished. If you inflict pain and torture on an animal even if indirectly by eating non-vegetarian food, you are bound to get punished for that in your future.

Some foolish people resort to mindless excuses when defending their right to eat non-vegetarian food. They say that “when we eat vegetarian food, then too we kill living beings. So why discriminate between plant and animal?” There can be no foolish argument than this to defend the indefensible. Also, if you really need a counter-argument for that silly excuse then it is this: The aim of human life should be to minimize suffering and violence, not indulging in it and multiplying it. Eat fruits and vegetables. Reduce violence. Eat a mango and plant its seed to produce another mango tree. Doesn’t it bother you when you see the reactions of a cow or a pig or a hen when they are about to die, when they are brought closer to their weapon of death? What do you think a cow feels when it is in between a pile of dead corpses and splattered blood in the slaughterhouse? What would you feel if you were in that cow’s place?

Shame on you if you have still not been able to change your mind.

Just google pictures of slaughtering of animals and see for yourself. I do not want to attach those pics here as I can’t bear to see such cruelty on my blog.

The Bhagavad Geeta says that we are all souls residing in different bodies. Even Jesus said so. So don’t think for an instance that you can never be in a cow’s or pig’s body!! Think about your future births. Nothing will ever go unpunished and unrewarded. Buddhism and Jainism also teach minimizing violence and suffering and to increase compassion towards living beings and our surroundings.

Please please don’t hurt animals. They have as much right to live in this beautiful world as you. Please feel their suffering and pain. Have mercy on them. Today animals are being subject to all kinds of tortures and unimaginable pain. Watch PETA videos if you want to see the truth that is happening in the whole world right now. Please work for the welfare of animals even if indirectly by shunning a non-vegetarian diet. You will feel good and stay healthy. Moreover it is good for the planet too. I promise that you will feel great about yourself. Please don’t ignore this advice…

I’d say a better choice would be to become vegan, but becoming a vegetarian is still a very good start towards a healthy and happy life. I wish you all the best 🙂

Please go through this wonderful link:

-Ribhu V.

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