ISRO Eyes 3 Mega Space Projects a-la NASA

Riding high on the success of epoch-making Mars Orbit Mission in September 2014 and space rentry capsule in December and IRNSS-1D achieving own navigation system in March, ISRO is not letting its determination lie anywhere down now.

The next ISRO mission will entail sending DAWN-like spacecraft to probe asteroids, said ISRO chairman A.S.Kiran Kumar on Monday, while attending the 24th convocation at Sathyabama University. The university is developing nano-satellites for the next Mark III mission.

Dr Kiran Kumar listed three important future missions which are essential and prestigious for ISRO such as sample return mission, asteroid mission and lander mission.

The advisory committee on science chaired by Prof U.R. Rao will go through the discussions and decide what kind of plans ISRO should have in future, he informed. For now, he said ISRO would launch disaster monitoring constellation satellite for Surrey space technology.

He repeated again that in June India’s Mangalyaan mission would be obliterated as earth, mars and sun would align on the same line and hence there will be no communication with Mars Orbiter Mission for at least 14 to 15 days. However, the MoM will be on its autonomous mode, he said.

On forthcoming GSLV Mark-III launch vehicle in 2017, he said it would carry a full satellite of about 3,500 kg and the rocket will make its first orbital flight – designated D1 – with the GSAT-19E spacecraft.


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