7 Easy Ways to Live a Peaceful Happy Life

  1. Buddha said live in the present, both the past and the future are dreams. Make your present joyful. Worrying about any moment other than now is a drain of your useful energy.
  2. Have no regrets, because what happened has happened. Move on. Nothing can be done about it. Instead learn from it and become wiser.
  3. Don’t compare yourself to others. Their success, their happiness, their looks, their riches is a part of their destiny. You focus on making your own. Leave behind some imperishable legacy. Don’t waste your time imitating others.
  4. Always speak politely. Never hurl negative comments at others, coz that burst of negativity you launch at others is going to come back after you at some point of time. Every action indeed has a reaction.
  5. Be kind and compassionate towards others. You may not know what they are going through. Always be willing to help others. Even a small act of kindness on your part could mean the world to them. Be compassionate towards animals. They are helpless and cannot voice their feelings but still they have them(feelings).
  6. Be true to yourself. Don’t suppress the inner voice inside you while going about living your life. Somehow it always knows what’s right!
  7. Be a responsible citizen of your country. Never back away from contributing towards your nation-building as what you are today is a culmination of the care/upbringing provided by your parents, society, country. Your parents or society or country need you now.

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-Ribhu V.


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