Who is a Godman?

It is often heard and said in society that so and so person is a Godman, he/she is in search for the ultimate truth, the highest being, the all-pervading omniscient reality, the imperishable light. He/She is an ascetic, a holy being, a man/woman deserving to be worshipped by the rest of us. It is true that there are people who are indeed possess such qualities, but unfortunately the number of such people can be counted on our fingers. The vast sea of godmen that we encounter in holy places all over the globe are liars/fraud because they revel in amassing riches in the name of God. They commit the highest form of sin imaginable. Emotional people throng in large numbers to these so called godmen and remain trapped in dogma throughout their life.

Now the question that arises is that, then whom should an individual who genuinely wants to rise to a higher plane in spiritual pursuits make his master/guru? The answer to this is: a true Guru is one who does not make his disciples worship himself but guides them on the correct path and lets them be free to gallop on their own on the right path.

But then some people may find it very difficult to recognize the true master in this vast market of self-styled godmen. Not to worry for I am going to unravel a secret that will eliminate all your apprehensions.

Let us go back to the fundamental question: Who is a Godman?

The definition cited in the beginning of this post does not hold entirely true for me!

Because while it is true that a person in search of God or truth or ultimate reality(or whatever other such term one wants to use) is worthy to be called a Godman, it is also true atleast for me that a person in search of happiness, or love, or even base/gross pleasures is a also Godman!

That version literally makes everyone a Godman, even you and me. I can understand that some people may be appalled at this definition of mine because they will argue how can a person who is seeking material pleasures/ wrong modes of temporary pleasures be a Godman. Well, to counter this hypothesis, I will elaborate further on my own definition of a Godman:

It is true that a person who is involved in gratifying his/her base desires may be far from the correct path, but another aspect which is also equally true is that the reason for his/her actions is their inability to comprehend the right means to achieve happiness or fulfillment or permanent satisfaction. He/She is also God’s creation and thus it is natural for a creation of nature (which includes man) to struggle in search for fulfilment be it mental, physical, emotional or spiritual. While some of us may take the right course in order to attain lasting/permanent fulfilment, some of our brothers/sisters may go astray in the wrong direction. But they are also involved in search of happiness only. No one commits an action which he/she knows is wrong or is not addicted to it. They just need to be assisted and reoriented in the right direction, for the journeys and paths may be different but the destination for all of us is the same. In the end every one will achieve God. Time and space do not matter.

God is present in each and every miniscule matter of the universe. He/She is all-pervading and everything culminates in him/her. Whether you want to call him/her God or the more impersonal ultimate reality/super energy/universal power.


With this I rest my case:

Happiness is God. Love is God. Peace is God.

The One is in All & All are in the One.

So remember we all are Godmen as our search is for the same thing. And one who is a Godman does not necessarily need a Guru if he/she is not able to find one. All religions profess the same thing albeit in different words. Just stay true to yourself or to your conscience and read holy scriptures. They are enough for the guidance for everyone. Never suppress your true inner voice as it knows what is right and what is wrong. Live as your true self!


-Ribhu V.

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One thought on “Who is a Godman?

  1. Reblogged this on ऋभु वशिष्ठ (Ribhu Vashishtha) and commented:

    NO ONE IS AN ATHEIST, everyone is a Godman/Godwoman/Seeker/Sadhak according to this definition. The second argument to refute atheism is that even atheists agree on the concept of an underlying energy/principle/order/unity in the whole cosmos. Scientists agree that energy is never originated or lost, it only converts in various forms. This energy is THAT! Thou art that (Tat Tvam Asi / तत्त्वमसि) !!


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