One world sparkles in the shining light

The other is covered in grim darkness tight



One world looks so adorable

The other does not even look comfortable



One world speaks of glamour and riches

The other’s living is so full of twitches



One world has a variety of cuisines to eat

The other finds it difficult to even make ends meet



One world is decorated with fashion and new trends

The other’s joy till date pends



One world’s people fight with great fury

The other’s live a life of penury



One world shows off in a sforzando manner

The others’ still got some means to gather



One world is from it’s blessings oblivious

The other is from it envious



One world may always show it’s fake smile

The other might be happy without any guile



I wonder why these are worlds apart

They could help each other with a pure heart



God made a single world for you

But you filled it with hate and divided it into two



One day will come when these will reunite

And hug each other instead of showing might



That day will be a new begining blessed

Even he who watches over us shall smile upon us with his dreams expressed



This ought not be an unfulfilled dream

But the order of him who is supreme



We should dutifully follow this order with splendor

Coz our days in this world are a fixed number



So that when we meet the Lord up high

We could tell him, “Oh Father I tried my best for you” to which he can’t deny



With this I end my long message

Let it be heard over and over again with time’s passage…!


-Ribhu V.



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