AN ODE TO GOD (my first poem)

With eyes full of doubts and hope

I request you God to help me cope


With this thing called LIFE  which people say by you is a gift

Then give the power to help me lift


The standard of living of all my brothers and sisters

Who are living their lives full of blisters


Give me the wisdom to see their emptiness

And take a step towards their wellness


I may not be an IMMORTAL like you God

But I’m committed to be your shining sword


So give me the power to end all evil

Coz in the hearts of some people resides the devil


I know I’m not any SUPERHERO from fiction

But I surely am your own creation


Help me topple my own fears

So that I may fight with all my gears


The path I chose may be risky

But what’s life without being frisky


May I not merely walk on this road and sweat

But gallop as no one else before has ever dreamt


Lord! Help me be free from the chains of being a materialistic self

Let me never forget being your creation is a gift in itself


Help me devastate my own weaknesses and bad vibes

As I live my years with these jibes


Sometimes I may have lost faith in you when times were bad

Forgive me for those feelings I had


I know you see, I know you care

I know you are worried about how your children fare


To you oh God I dedicate this ode

Whatever came to my mind here I simply wrote


Let LOVE be my only driving force

Let hatred and enmity be swiped out in this course


Let me win this steeplechase

As towards my GOAL I constantly gaze


The Almighty is omnipresent

The love which he throws upon us is incessant… ❤


-Ribhu V.



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