A Voyage to China

China!  Upon listening this word the mental picture which comes in most of peoples’ minds is a vibrant traditional colony with red houses, people practicing kung fu on the streets and dragon cut-outs scattered all over the place. Personally, I even imagined a sight of troops marching in the cities as China is a communist country. But this whole perception got changed when I got a chance to visit China. The trip was organized by NIIT University as a part of their flagship NU-MBA program. The NU-MBA batch 2011-13 was taken to four prominent cities of China: Beijing, Nanjing, Wuxi and Shanghai. Beijing is the capital and the cultural centre of China. We got a lot of learning on the Chinese culture, food, art and entertainment in the Beijing leg of the trip. We also met Dr. Jaishankar, the Indian ambassador to China in Beijing who briefed us about the Indo-China relations. In Nanjing, we attended a four-day seminar on “Market Environment and Development of Enterprises in China” at Nanjing University of Finance & Economics (NUFE). The talks were delivered by various professors of NUFE in this seminar. This seminar was a pleasurable learning experience for our batch. Wuxi is an industrial city. In Wuxi, we visited the plant of Infineon Technologies, a German semiconductor manufacturing company. We got to know about all the manufacturing procedures and quality control practices that are employed in the plant. The next phase of the trip was a four-day stint in Shanghai. This was the best phase of the trip for me. In Shanghai, we got a chance to hear the big guns of the industry. Talks were organized by NIIT China at their Shanghai centre where eminent corporates shared their insights with us. The industry stalwarts who delivered the talks were: Mrs. Riva Ganguly Das(Consul General of India), Grant Li(Partner, Grandall Law Firm), Rodney Cao(MD, Ignite Communications), Prakash Menon(President, NIIT China), Kunal Sinha (Regional Cultural Insights Director, Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific), Darren Burns( MD, Weber Shandwick), Rajesh Rao(Delivery Head, Infosys Shanghai) and Eddie Wang(Founder, Henderson China).

We did a lot of sightseeing too in China. The sight of multiple facades of skyscrapers in Shanghai just sweeped me off my feet. I cannot forget the huge malls of Beijing. The markets of Nanjing were stupendous. I found the city of Wuxi to be very well planned and the weather was pleasant there. So basically this trip covered the four aspects: cultural aspect in Beijing, academic aspect in Nanjing, industrial aspect in Wuxi and finally the corporate aspect in Shanghai. The essence of the whole trip according to me is that a future management professional must have knowledge about this burgeoning economy as somewhere down the line, China is going to figure in his/her list of important considerations in whichever firm they work in. According to me, this whole trip was a treasure trove of invaluable knowledge about China: its economy and culture.

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